You can never have enough shelves, especially in a kids room. There’s always some small toys, books or decorations that need a place to live. While shelves are very useful, they can be beautiful and fun too.

Today we’ve got some playful and practical shelf ideas for a kids room. If you like a little project, many of these shelves can easily be recreated at home. And they will provide lots of inspiration, perhaps to create your own unique version.

The first shelf that caught our eye is the one pictured at the top. We love the strap detail and we also love the addition of the hanger to keep some clothes too. You can easily make a similar shelf with some plywood and strong wood glue.

Box shelves are so handy as you can use the storage space in the box as well as above the box. You can always hang them up on a wall as they are but we love the fun twist these simple shelves have been given with funky legs from pretty pegs.

We especially love shelving ideas that go beyond shelves, like this one. It’s a desk, some shelves and a statement piece in a room. We love the combination of materials – cork, wood and leather. This is probably the trickiest one to recreate at home but we love the inspiration it gives to create your own unique version of something similar.

Take a large sheet of plywood and attach some box shelves, crates or anything you can find and you have a unique shelving system. What we especially love about this shelf idea is that it takes height, not floor space so you can have one for each child even if you have a small space.

This is a simple shelf that is so handy for storing all those tiny little toys. You can make the display shelf bigger or smaller, depending on how many little toys you need to store. We love the simplicity of this shelf which has been hacked from a flea market find.

Will you be making any of these shelves? Which one is your favourite?

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