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Nurseries are always a place  carefully decorated. The first place where our little ones will spend their first days. This is why we love seeing inspiring spaces like this one, specially designed for kids, with soft touches and lovely cribs.

This first room we show you can be included in the trend of soft kids’ rooms in pastel tones. They are the most romantic and softest colours and they can be easily combined. The wallpaper adds lots of personality and dynamism to the room and textiles provide warmth with their soft textures.

Nurseries, Inspiring White


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Kids’ spaces in white have become common among our inspiring spaces provided that a white base can be used to get almost everything. This is the perfect idea for those of you who don’t want to become crazy with the mix of tones and prints. The atmosphere in the nursery will be peaceful and gleaming. You just need to add some colourful and cool touch, like that rug with fruit-inspiration, and you will get the perfect room and every single touch of colour will become the focus of attention.

Nurseries, A Natural Touch


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Nurseries with natural style are also trendy. Natural wooden pieces and cotton textiles are mixed with a simple atmosphere. In this case, they have decided to choose simple pieces of furniture like the box-shelves which seem have been casually placed there or the textiles with soft and white tones which get a casual result.

Nurseries With Funny Touches


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In kids’ and babies’ kids you can always find a funny  touch of colour  because kids’ world is plenty of fun and creativity. This is what we can find in this nursery with this pink elephant-shaped chair or that picture with a piggy. They have also included some little wooden toys and a book to be used when the baby grows up and explores.

Nordic Style Nurseries


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The mix of soft tones and minimalist furniture is the first step to getting a wonderful Scandinavian room. We can stop showing spaces included in this great style. They are always lovely and surprising with little details which make them special like the garland, the funny spotted wallpaper or the cute fabric dolls.