The big, blue ocean is full of inspiration from magnificent creatures to ships to corals and so much more.There is so much inspiration to draw from the mysterious ocean and use to decorate a kids room with. But all you need is a few simple touches to add a fresh and playful hint of the ocean to a kids room.

The best way to create a subtle ocean theme is to choose some blues in whatever shades you like. From fresh turquiose-y blues like in the room above to deep, dark blues, any shade of blue will evoke a sense of the ocean. Next, it’s time to add a few decorations but to keep it sublte, less is more!  A few hints here and there and you can create a super stylish and inspiring space for your seafarer!

Here are four more rooms that have a simple and stylish ocean inspired vibe without going over the top:

Even though there are many little ocean inspired touches in this room like the whale soft toy, the whale poster, the ship light and the rug, it’s keeping the colours similar that create a stylish and beautiful room.

For a more abstract take on an ocean theme, we’re loving the scallop bedding which reminds us of waves. In this room, the distressed blue wall also adds to the whole ocean feel as well as the other blue tones and soft toys.

For a more minimalist and mysterious take, we’re loving the dark blue hues here and the simple over-sized whale decoration. The bed canopy is also a fun addition for an ocean room as it’s reminiscent of a ships’ sail.

It’s not so much about the decorations in this room, it’s all about the different blue hues. This room feels like you’ve stepped into the ocean without feeling over the top.  There’s only one fishy print to complete the look but that’s all that is needed.

Which is your favourite room?

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