A new year is starting and we need to order everything so we think that these storage ideas for the children’s room will be really useful. We also know that we need to save, so we can use some of these charming low-cost ideas. Can’t you believe it?

Recycled Wooden Boxes for Storage


Take a look to the storage space we show before on Petit and Small: wooden recycled boxes, pastel tone paint and green tones to be combined with the decoration.

If you have wooden boxes at home can you don’t know what to do with them, hang them on the wall, stack them or add some wheels to create mobile storage pieces. They are a cheap option that offers a lot of possibilities. You can add some paint or wallpaper to provide a new look.

Storage Baskets


This kids’ room inspired by the forest created by Rafa-Kids brings one of those ideas we have seen many times but we never get enough of it: Wicker storage baskets with different shapes, sizes and colours! There is a huge variety and it’s always updated. It’s a really good idea to keep their things and it’s great for kids as they can use them since they are very young!


Of course, you can also use fabric or paper bags for storing toys, clothes or little stuff. You have many options, but we especially like this from Tellkiddo. They’re a low-cost solution with lots of style and add a playful touch to a kids room or playroom.

Inexpensive Storage Furniture


We can find many ideas on Ikea. Lots of cheap and functional storage furniture! In this case, we can see some shelves with storage cubes. The cubes can be numbered or tagged to identify their content. This idea is often used in playrooms so kids can find everything in a simple way.


DIY Children’s Storage: Cabinets and Chest of Drawers


A cabinet or a chest of drawers are really helpful in a kid’s room – they’re an easy way to hide a lot of things away. You can choose a simple one and replace the drawer handles, such as the picture above, or customise it with a touch of paint.

Ikea storage diy

 Low – Cost and DIY Storage for Children’s Books


Instagram also brings some ideas to keep children’s books. You don’t have to complicate your life, one of the trendiest ideas consist in using some basic shelves to show the pictures. It’s a cool way to present books making them more attractive for kids.

Do you love DIY projects? So you can create a shelf for books with Ikea’s spice rack or customise a basic piece of Ikea for creating a cloud shelf. For more ideas, have a look at our Ikea hack section.


First picture: kid’s room styling by Bon Bon Bleu.