Is there anything better that spending an afternoon creating homemade toys? Kids have a lot of fun and develop their creativity that seems to be hidden when they use their ready-to-play toys.

This time we bring you some recycled toys to use in the bath because we know that these moments are really funny for them. We bring simple ideas like those recycled toys made with corks, toothpicks and some colourful papers. An easy way to create a complete fleet to play!

Recycled Toys: Floating Boats

Among DIY toys to use in the bath we will always find some improvised boats made with materials we can find at home. Keep the cap of the beverages because they are the perfect base to prepare a regatta! Just a bit of glue, toothpicks and some paper to create their own boat and have great competititons in the bath!


Via Itsybitsy

This little boat made with recycled materials is a similar idea but with corks and rubber bands. The main sail is made with EVA foam covered with brilliantine. A different idea for get fantastic handmade toys.

Recycled Toys: Surprise Lego Bath Toys


Via Lemonlimeadventures

What would happen if we added Lego to our bath time? With these homemade surprise Lego bath bombs, your child enjoy both the preparation and the bath time!We think are pretty amazing!

Recycled Toys: Pirate Boat


Via Handmadecharlotte

We bring another recycled toy made with plastic bottles. This one has more interesting details. It’s a pirate vessel with a base which can be made of plastic with other water resistant material. They have painted it with lots of colours to create a special boat.

What do you think about these ideas to create handmade toys for the bath time?

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