recycled- cardboard- animals

As soon as you have children, playthings become a big part of your home. You accumulate too many toys, especially plastic, small figures: animals, dinosaurs, people, monsters… You can find them everywhere in your house. However, it doesn’t matter how many figures they have in their room, they’ll always want more.

How about encouraging children to play creatively and making their own toys? You can do simple, fun figures and cars out of recycled paper rolls. Sure, they’ll be unique!

Toilet paper tubes are a craft time staple for pretty much every parent. They’re just the right size for hands-on projects and imaginative play.  It’s a versatile everyday material and easy to get. What family doesn’t generate a large quantity of toilet paper rolls?

Today we’re sharing 5 crafts with toilet cardboard rolls that you need to see!


Easy upcycled paper craft dolls by Marie-Laure. For the instructions head over Handmade Charlotte


Robot craft – toilet paper tubes. Get the how to at Ukkonooa


Llama toy. For all the instructions head over Mer Mag.


Design your own upcycled race car with some paper towel rolls. Get the how to at Little Monster

I’m bookmarking these projects for a rainy day. What’s your favourite toilet roll craft?

Top image:  Make recycled cardboard animals, it’s an easy and fun craft for kids. Head over to Ukkonooa for full instructions and more images.

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