Which kid doesn’t love the circus? Circuses have an almost magical appeal about them for kids. They are exciting and fun and different. We love circuses and love the idea of bringing some of this magic into kids bedrooms.

There are lots of ways to create a circus-themed room for kids but we especially like the idea of adding circus accents that will grow with your kids. An over-themed room could be outgrown too quickly and nobody wants that. So instead we’re looking at adding circus touches that are both playful and imaginative but will also last for years.

To start with, we have that circus wallpaper (pictured above) which brings the circus into this kids room. Because of the neutral tones, this wallpaper doesn’t overpower but still adds lots of magic.

Here are some more ways to add circus touches to a kids room:

This is a modern take on a circus theme. We’re loving the circus hints dotted all around like all the diamond-shaped patterns. And we also have one simple poster that adds to the circus look. This is definitely one circus look that your child won’t outgrow in a hurry.

This is a completely different circus look and is subtle yet playful.  We’ve got the harlequin pattern dotted around, we’ve got circus animals and we’ve even got circus gym rings!  What a fun thing for a kid to have. We love how subtle this room is but still, it doesn’t skimp on fun.

If you prefer something a little bit less subtle, this is the room for you.  Paint the ceiling to give the whole room a circus tent feeling. With the dramatic ceiling, the room doesn’t need anymore circus decorations except perhaps a flag garland which completes the circus tent look very nice.

Circus themed rooms don’t always have to be colourful, like this stunning room shows us. The harlequin patterned furniture, the circus-themed posters and the garland all bring a feeling of the circus in muted tones.

Which is your favourite look?

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