Do you remember being a kid and how wonderful it was to curl up somewhere cozy and read or watch TV or even just day dream? Even as adults, it’s still so nice to have a cozy seat. One which you almost sink in to and you can just feel so comfy.

With the cooler autumn and winter months coming up, a cozy little space is even more welcome.  If you want to create a warm and welcoming little space for your kids, we have some ideas for you to get inspired. To create a space that is truly inviting, use a combination of cushions, soft toys, mattresses, quilts or bean bags — anything soft that you can sink in to. Also the colours can help create a relaxing mood. We especially love muted or dark autumnal tones.

The best part about creating a cozy space is that you really don’t need much space or furniture. In the room above, they’ve created a little space right next to the bed. It looks inviting and it’s the perfect space to lounge on when you want to relax and read or just dream. Here are 4 more ways to create a cozy little space for you and your kids:

A canopy or tent creates an instant sense of coziness. But add to that some fairy lights, lots of softies and a sheepskin rug and you’ll have a perfect little place for the little ones to read, snooze or dream. We’re loving the deep mustard tones too which adds to the feeling of warmth.

We’re loving how inviting this little corner looks with that soft, squishy, over-sized seat and all those cushions. We could just curl up here and relax for days!  This is a great little cozy space that you can create in the corner of any room in your home and it can easily be moved around. In case you’re interested, you can find this circular seat here.

Here we have some old vintage furniture used to create a relaxing space. The fabric covered mattresses are so inviting to sleep on or to just spend some time reading a book.  Most of all, the simple lace fabric draped over the top defines the space and makes it feel all the cozier.

The best part about creating a cozy little space is that it’s so easy to do. This space has a small mattress and a few cushions and that’s it. But it’s still so inviting and a great little space for any kid to have.

Which cozy little space will you create for your kids?

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