Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack? We can’t get enough of them and the more we look for them, the more beautiful are the hacks we find. But we don’t always have time for complicated hacks. That is why we love the Ivar cabinet. You can transform the look with nothing more than a pot of paint.

We love the Ivar as it is – in its simple, natural raw wood look as pictured above. But we also love it for it’s decorating potential. Sometimes, you feel like customising your furniture and making it special to you. The Ivar cabinet is the perfect piece to transform with paint. No need for power tools or projects that take ages. And you can be sure you’ll end up with a unique piece of furniture for your home.

We went looking for some Ivar paint hacks to inspire you and these were our favourite finds:

In this kids room, the Ikea Ivar cabinet has been given a very small makeover. They’ve painted some half cloud like shapes in white. But even this small change makes the cabinet look playful and designed for a kids room, while still showing off the natural wood of the cabinet.

In this room, the cabinet has been painted with a bolder design which also looks so good. This triangle design would work well in so many colours on the Ivar cabinet. We’re thinking black, navy blue, dusty pink or even bright orange (if you love bright colours).

Can’t decide if you want to paint your Ivar cabinet because you love the natural look too? Then this idea is just for you. What a great way to add a bit of colour but also have the natural wood look.  The two together look so stylish and make an unusual piece that you can be sure no one else will have.

If the natural wood look isn’t for you, paint the cabinet white, or any other colour. We love this white look though for a kids room. It looks so great with all the other colours, especially the pastels and really makes them pop!

Last, try some colour blocking with your Ivar cabinets. You could go for completely contrasting colours or pick a colour and paint each cabinet in a different shade of that colour.  It’s a great way to add as much colour as you’d like to your kid’s room and you end up with great storage too.

Which one is your favourite look?

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