Today we bring you a set of white-wall kids’ bedrooms with some touches of colour. As you may know, whit provides a special light to every room. Boring? Not at all! Furthermore, is the perfect base to almost every kind of decorative style: Scandinavian, eclectic, romantic…

The first photo shows a Nordic-style room with and spectacular house-shaped bunk bed (it’s a DIY, you can see the whole process here). Although bed’s structure,  walls and  ceiling are white, there’s a colour funny touch in the accessories (lamps, knobs, prints…). Bedding and cushions are also wonderful, they’re plenty of graphic prints, animals and colourful or black and white garlands.



It has been chosen a similar combination (white+colour+black) to decorate this children’s room. Here we can see a mix of decorative styles. White on the walls is the perfect canvas to try new prints, toys and complements.  The embroidered teepee is very cool. Don’t you think?



What a funny room! This room shared by Hedda and Edith is great. Painting one piece of furniture in another colour is always right. Let’s go, you can turn an old wardrobe into something very original!



If you prefer a relaxing atmosphere in the children’s bedroom you should choose colours like grey or yellow. They match perfectly and help to create a soft and funny room.



And finally, you can also create a very romantic room from a white base. This time, the flower lamp and fabrics will provide a feminine touch to the kids’ room.