Which little girl wouldn’t love a dolls house? It’s not just girls though, we think a lot of boys would love one too. Dolls houses are all about imaginative play irrespective of whether you are boy or girl. And we love that they are a toy that grows with your kids.

Our kids have had the same dollhouse since they were 3 and are still playing with it 5 years later. There aren’t many toys that last for so many years. And once they are finally done playing with it, it’s the perfect toy to pack away and hand down to the grandkids. What a special gift that would make.

We went looking for some of the most beautiful gender neutral wooden dolls houses that would make a lovely Christmas gift or just a gift at any time of the year. Each of these dolls houses has something special and there is something for every budget. The dolls house pictured above is not only stunning in its simplicity, but we love that it can be mounted on the wall.  This makes it even easier to play with and when it’s no longer played with, it turns in to a handy storage shelf.

Here are some more of our favourite gender neutral dollhouses:

If budget is no problem, then this is the ultimate super-sized dolls house.  Measuring nearly 1.3m in height, it is taller than most kids!  It opens on all sides and is designed to be played with by many kids at once. And we love that it comes on wheels so it’s easy to move from room to room.

For something a lot smaller but just as beautiful, we’re loving this holdie house. We love that it’s designed to look like a house a child would draw and it’s very portable.  That’s why it’s called holdie house – hold it and go! 

Here is another beautiful and very budget friendly dolls house. It comes flat packed so the kids can even help ‘build’ it. The maker of this dolls house also sells furniture to go in it.  And if your kids want to go for colour, they can easily paint or decorate this house with wallpaper.

This is probably the simplest of all the dolls houses on our list and that’s why we love it. Simple, stylish design that has so much potential for imagination and it’s a design that will never go out of style. It too can be painted but we’re loving the natural wood.

For the last one, we have this beautiful dolls house made out of wooden crates. This is created by an artist called Lucy May Schofield who created it for a museum. While you can’t buy this dolls house, we wanted to include it as we think it’s great inspiration for all of you who want to create your own.  We’re loving the idea of using wooden crates or boxes as rooms and with this idea, you can go as large or little as you like.

What’s your favourite?

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