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If you were waiting for one of those DIY ideas with boxes, here you are! Today, we have chosen and storage idea with some boxes which have been turned into shelves to keep everything organized. It’s a simple and cheap option and, furthermore, it’s very trendy! Do you need anything else?

As you can see in our first option, customizing shelves is really easy, you just need a bit of imagination or some inspiration like this. A little sticker can provide a new personal look to the shelf which will be transformed into a decorative element by itself. At the end, you won´t be able to say if it’s a shelf or a picture!

Boxes-shelves for Kids’ Rooms


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What about stacking up boxes until you create a complete piece of furniture? This is a perfect idea to get a shelf adapted to the available space, with the colours we have chosen and the shape we want. It can’t be more personal! To add some charm to the boxes, you can add colour to their inner part with the most suitable colours for your kid’s room. As you can see, there are also some house-shaped boxes which have become really trendy!


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If painting is not enough for you, you can also use wallpaper remains to decorate the boxes. You can use different models or just the same for all of them to create harmony. This is one of those ideas with wallpaper which go beyond decorating a wall. As you know, creativity involves doing new things with something already known.


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There’s another option in which wallpaper becomes the bottom of the box, this is even quicker. Those boxes don’t always have bottom so you can have more options and ideas to decorate them. The storage space is also important but it depends on the number of boxes you want.


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Until now, we have only seen boxes without bottom or with this part painted but these fruit boxes have been used like that, only painting them with pastel tones to be matched with the rest of the decoration. They have a DIY look because they haven’t been modified, so you get that authentic touch. We are really in love with them and not only for kids’ rooms! These cool details are great for everybody!