Scandinavian and minimal trends have been showing lots of cool black & white kids room that make us fall in love, that’s true. But, sometimes, we need to see vivid atmospheres full of bright and funny tones as those used by kids to paint. At other times, we want an intense colour on one wall to add character to the room.

This is why we have selected six different ideas to create colourful children’s rooms full of personality and joy.

Study Areas with Funny Colours


This room has been taken from @_saarke_ on Instagram and offers a great idea: filling the whole room with bright colours which are mixed. Pink, blue and yellow are the perfect option for the details included in a white room.

Fresh Pastel Kids’ Room


Delikatissen shows a kids’ room with lots of colours on its walls. They have chosen a deep pink tone, really difficult to combine. However, the result is amazing thanks to that white furniture and some yellow details.

Kids’ Rooms with Colourful Textiles


In this case, they have been able to add colour without changing the base, just including some colourful textiles. It’s a simple way of changing a room’s look. A white room can be easily filled with fun with some textiles, like these ones which inspire us (created by the talented Jacinda Malloy  from Hide & Sleep Stylist).

Kids’ Room with Intense Tones


If you want colour but with an elegant touch, choose restrained tones. Burgundy or red browns are very original and intense colours, perfect to be combined with natural wood tones and brilliant white. Walls like this one keep all the attention and transform the room into something really unique.

Blue Nursery


Although we know that pastel tones are everywhere, we can also go beyond trends and include dark blue tones in the nursery. Decorating a baby’s room is a great experience and, if we want something special and personal, it’s a great option. Take a look at the wonderful aspect of the baby bedroom with all those light garlands and yellow touches!

Tell me, do you use colours in the decoration of your home? Do you prefer bright or dark tones?

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