Don’t dump toilet paper rolls again! You will find lots of cool ideas to use and enjoy them with kids! Kids love crafting and parents too because you can spend lots of funny hours doing it. The best thing is that it’s really cheap and a wonderful help to develop their imaginative and creative skills.

Today we round-up several things to do with this cardboard material. The first step is keeping these rolls that we use to recycle. This is a new way to reuse them. We especially love the projects by Michelle from MollyMooCrafts. They are so creative!

Toilet paper rolls, now they are rockets


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Here you are a rocket with a complete scene. Just a bit of cardboard (you can obtain it from another roll) and you can create a rocket to travel to the moon! Permanent markers will help you to create everything! Really easy, don’t you think?

Woodlands friends with toilet rolls


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Make these cute woodland characters —a fox and badger. It’s a simple and cute family activity to make with your kids. Create the ears folding in the top of the toilet roll core. Paint the face and the body and glue a little pom pom nose.

Kittens with paper rolls


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This idea was created to Halloween but you can create every animal you can imagine like dogs or panda bears. It will help kids to learn more about their favourite animals. The ears are created by folding one of the paper corners to obtain two triangles. The eyes are made of paper or just painted and the whiskers can be done with fabric, foam or straws like as shown in ninjas’ craft. This is just a suggestion but you can find lots of animals to be done with these rolls.

Toilet Rolls Ninjas


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What do you think about those funny ninjas? Some paints and  straws and you will have a complete ninja army to play with!

Star Wars with toilet paper rolls


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You must admit these crafts are great!  The authentic Star Wars characters with some simple rolls! The best is that you can create everything you can imagine! If they like Hello Kitty, Marvel Superheroes or Bob Squarepants, you will surely find the way to create them!

First photo: Sophisti-cats. Get the how-to at MollyMooCrafts.