Would you like to surprise them with some delicious Christmas desserts? Take a look at these 6 handmade ideas to make cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits and other typical desserts inspired by this magical celebration. They are really easy! Add a sweet touch to your table with simple recipes where their favourite characters play a main role. Tasty kids’ desserts! Can you resist them?

We have found a great idea on Instagram: fondant cake pops with fruits to create lovely reindeer faces. If you have kids at home, offer them lots of thrill with these Christmas sweets.

Cupcakes for Kids Inspired by Christmas


Via Flickr

But if you prefer cupcakes, maybe you prefer this idea. They have been designed as funny snowmen with all their details: nose, scarf, buttons and a nice hat! Do you dare to try it?

Creative Santa Claus Pancakes


Via Hello, Wonderful

The sweetest Santa Claus is part of the menú thanks to one of our favourite blogs: Hello, Wonderful. They are pancakes which have been previously decorated as that funny man in red.  As you can see, they are really easy to prepare. They will be perfect to enjoy a nourishing Christmas holiday breakfast.

Donettes inspired by A Snowman


Via EntreChiquitines

Another way to make kids happy consists in decorating the classic Donettes with snowmen faces. You can also prepare them with mini Donuts and add eyes, noses and mouth with M&Ms and similar sweets. Aren’t they the perfect snack?

Christmas Chocolate Sticks


Via Munchkin Munchies

Gingerbread men are another typical dish from Christmas. In these case, we are not talking about biscuits but chocolate sticks. We will draw a face and decorate them to create Christmas characters. You can learn how to do it on this blog full of recipes. It’s really easy! Will you add a sweet touch on New Year’s Eve?

How To prepare Sugar Biscuits for Kids


Via One Little Project

More Christmas inspiration: sugar biscuits decorated as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. It’s a cute idea to prepare a funny dessert for our little ones. We are sure they will love making the nose, eyes and horns with some M&Ms and chocolate. We are sure they will look nice next to the Christmas tree!

First picture: Christ-moose via rymondtn

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