If you are familiar with the decorating world, you’ll know that one of the ways to change a room without having to splurge is to paint the walls and renew the room’s colour. We have a few ideas to share regarding this topic that will inspire you to paint children’s rooms in a creative way and choosing the right shades.

There is something for everyone: for mums who want a fun touch, those who look for something versatile and timeless and those who love bringing out their creative side.

 Chalkboard paint for children’s rooms


Even though white will give us tons of options, if we want the kids to have a fun space for themselves chalk paint is a great option — black paint on which they can draw and paint with chalk. It can’t get any cooler than this! It’s the perfect paint for a game room, or to paint one corner of the bedroom. Keep in mind that it’s black and will take some light away, but it will instead add creativity and fun!




 Painting children’s rooms with murals


Who doesn’t like children’s murals? They are perfect to bring an artistic touch to your kid’s room. The ones we are showing here are really colourful, but can you choose one in black in white if you prefer something more neutral.


Decorating the walls with soft pastel colours


We can agree that pastel colours are often the most appropriate choice for children’s rooms. It’s better to have less stimulating shades in the sleeping area, which makes pastel the perfect ally. It will help them relax when going to bed and it will also add a delicate touch to the bedroom.



Painting children’s rooms in different colours


As kids start discovering the world, they need to be stimulated and we can do so by creating atmospheres in which their imagination and wit can be awaked. Even though lively colours are better for game rooms, there are times when the bedroom serves as playing space during the day so we could do a combination of several colours so the bedroom can be stimulating and very fun. Do you dare to update your children’s room with geometrical walls?

Painting kid’s rooms with one colour



What is your child’s favourite colour? It could be the perfect tone for painting one wall of his/her bedroom. You can add a touch of sunny yellow, opt for a blue shade, go for a pink room or create a ‘nature’ vibe combining pops of green. You have endless options!




Painting children’s rooms white


If you still haven’t made up your mind about the colour of your children’s room, white is the most versatile and useful choice. You can put all sorts of decorating details on a white wall — from wall vinyls to illustrations, clothing racks or striking shelves. And let’s not forget that white is the colour of choice when it comes to Scandinavian style!

These are some ideas for refreshing the walls of children’s rooms. There are certainly more but we wanted to put together a few practical and original ideas so you can have a room that appeals to both kids and adults. What did you think of these suggestions?

First picture: via Mommo design