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These ideas are cheap and funny for the whole family so we have to go for a walk into nature while we breathe fresh air and enjoy the searching of those materials we need. What do you think about this garland created with branches? It will keep them entertained for a long time and they can use it as part of the decoration of their room.


Via Alisaburke

Crafts with stones are common for kids but they should also try some crafts with leaves. They can be found everywhere and they can paint them as they want. It’s a perfect decoration for every corner, even for an Indian teepee because of their exotic look.


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This idea is completely simple, everybody can try it. We just need some sticks to turn them into funny character plenty of personality. Using serviettes or fabrics with prints to create their clothes or those adhesive eyes you will have lots of friends to play with the rest of the day.



Among nature crafts, we must include ideas with pinecones which can be collected in the wood. With all these elements, you can create funny characters like these we bring you from the Nature Crafts for Aussie Kids book. There is a lot of creativity here but if you show it to your kids they will try to create their own friends with prickly rind, sticks, leaves and many other materials. Weekend afternoons will be really funny!


Via  Nature Crafts for Aussie Kids

Need more ideas? Here you can find more nature crafts projects.