School started some time ago. Parents must organize our agendas and kids’ timetables to have time enough to do lots of new things, learning English…Today we want to remind the importance of exercise in their daily routines, this is essential to their motor development as well as physical and emotional growth. This habit must be acquired during the childhood!

It has been shown that kids who don’t practice sports have more possibilities of becoming sedentary adults with all its consequences. So today we bring you kids’ rooms plenty of “activity” and style!

Kids’ Rooms to Be Fit: a Rope Ladder, Strength and Muscular Resistance!



Muscular strength is the muscle’s ability to create tension against the opposite strength. Muscular resistance is the muscle’s power to keep its contraction for a long time. Kids can train it by playing with the skipping rope, climbing and running or with activities like playing with a ball, rowing, practicing strength exercises, keeping and pulling things…Sport is funny and this boys’ room is great!

Kids’ Rooms with An Indoor Climbing Wall to Improve Coordination



Coordination is our ability to use our senses, especially sight and hearing, together with the movement of different parts of our body in order to get a soft and accurate movement. Including a climbing wall is a great idea to make them forget their Playstation and the computer; they are going to love it! A climbing wall with an upper access is almost impossible to get but we can create one simpler but as funny as it!

Swings in The Kids’ Room: Ideas for Girls and boys





This feeling of freedom with the air hitting your face, looking everything from a higher point of view…They must keep doing it! Swinging is a great exercise to make the neck and the back stronger, furthermore, it corrects bad body positions. It’s similar to fly! And, being a bit superficial, they look really cute in their rooms! There are several types of them: from romantic swings for girls to more “teen” and radical pieces without ornaments.

Kids’ Rooms with A Gym:  Rings? Let’s Improve Their Self-Esteem!



What is the link between exercise and self-esteem and personal overcoming? Well, if they are able to get new skills, they will try to show what they are able to do. If you respect their rhythm, your attention and support will make them feel loved so their self-esteem will increase.



Before finishing, we want to talk about another important aspect: kids’ safety. Every kid has an own rhythm. They can practice sport, have fun…but we must always check that all the activities are suitable for their age and skills.

And after exercise… restful sleep!