We traditionally think that flashy colours are the only option for kids’ rooms, however, there are other ways to decorate their spaces. We can find lots of lovely black and white rooms. Now, we are telling you how grey, which comes from the mix of black and white, can become your favourite.

Brightness, simplicity and elegance and a peaceful atmosphere are provided by these inspiring rooms. Sometimes a little touch of grey is enough (a toy, a chair). This colour has always been classified as boring and sad but now it is starting to show its beauty with these simple ideas included in several Scandinavian rooms.



Via Weekdaycarnival

These two kids’ rooms are focused on grey. Grey walls, wallpapers and textiles without printings, they just look for simplicity. If you want to add a warmth touch, you can use some gold or brown touches with a basket like the shown in the picture.


Via Gwentibold

This last teen room, show us that minimalism of Nordic spaces. There are no many decorative elements but the mix of soft tones like basic grey or beige creates a lovely harmony in the atmosphere. Some textiles, a garland and a soft toy are enough to obtain a great result.



Here you are another bedroom where details are very cool. Soft toys or even cushions and printed textiles with Nordic details. The whole room offers them peace  to have a rest. The grey toy (that you can view at the first picture) looks great in this kid’s room.


Via Lapetitemag

Maybe you have already seen this minimalist playhouse because we showed it some time ago. It’s a great idea to create a zone where they can play and imagine lots of stories and ––at the same time— it means an important element for the room. Those grey touches add harmony to the whole atmosphere avoiding the excess of white.

What do you think about these wonderful ideas? Have you also fallen in love with grey?