Today we show you a very curious and original project. It’s an educational complex located in Tel Aviv (Israel) which mixes six independent nurseries in the same building. It consists of common playing zone, offices for the social services, and a wellness and psychology centre for kids. Everything located in a 2400 m2 space.


The educational centre’s design is inspired by the great agricultural history of the zone where it’s placed, Shemaryahu Kfar. The main purpose in its building was connecting kids with those agricultural roots through a simple organic-shaped design and the use of different materials such as plywood or solid wood.



Each nursery is, at the same time, inspired by the 7 species of Israel, according to the Bible, that symbolise land fertility. For that reason, each one receives the name of the 7 species: Olive (Zayit), Palm (Tamar), Pomegranate (Rimon), Wheat (Hita), Fig (Te’ena) and Vine (Gefen). These species define the distinctive personality of each nursery and they also served as a design code: they provided the colours palette and the graphic motifs.

children-designer-nursery1 kids-designer-nursey2

The hall is placed in a central zone and it is also used as a common playing zone for all the nurseries. Its design tries to spread physical activity as well as interaction among children. It’s inspired in the agricultural village so we can find different playing areas like wood tractors, the lakes or the trees. Both interior-design and furniture design of the Shemaryahu Kfar Educational Center were a project of the interior-designer Sarit Shani Hay.

designer-school1 decoration-school2 designer-school3

Pictures: © Amit Geron

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