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Kids have a lot of homework to do so we must consider some ideas for their study areas. Today, we go beyond trends to look for timeless elements like these traditional desks.

Classic and timeless style is that which can be adapted to every style at any moment. It’s always trendy and it doesn’t need to be updated like that modern furniture which is often momentary. If you don’t want to complicate your life with designer tables with multiple uses, just come back to your origins. Who knows? Maybe you can use some  worthy relic to restore.


Via Ohjosephine

Simple ideas like this wooden table with its matching chair seem to have been taken from an antique house or one of those charming vintage shops. The best thing about these pieces is that they will look nice in every single kid’s room, with every kind of style.


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Retro pieces are really trendy so we have to bear them in mind. Both in rustic and Nordic style rooms, even in the classic ones, they look really nice! There are a lot of people who still have this kind of furniture at home. If you are one of them, you are lucky, add this lovely vintage touch to every room!


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This proves that Nordic style can also include vintage pieces. It’s one of the decor trends that has made us fall in love again. To avoid an excess of white, here you are this Antique wooden desk with its chair, they are going to be the the focus of attention in spite of their simplicity.


Via Myscandinavianhome

This model reminds us the industrial style with those metal parts. The combination is wonderful, with that decadent and obsolete touchof the authentic stuff. To balance the cold of metal, you can add a big school map.


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It has been a great tour through the world of vintage desks. Another great idea to be added to the list, especially if we have it at home. Have you enjoyed these inspiring ideas?

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