6 Trendy Shelves for Kids

Via Medetlekentsinn

Kids’ shelves can be much more than that boring pieces of furniture to keep books or toys. The key of a great design is creating something surprising, functional decorative pieces which can be transformed into something really creative. If you are looking for special and funny storage furniture, here you are these wonderful kids’ shelves, they are amazing.

Mountain-shaped shelves for Kids


Via Etsy

Decorating with mountains is a must in the Nordic style. This mountain-shaped shelf is the perfect detail to those white walls of Scandinavian style. It’s original and shows simple lines but, furthermore, we can create the ideal set if we know how to add some details to turn it into the focus of attention, as this great garland made with cotton balls.

Shelves for books…little houses!


Via The,little,club

House-shaped shelves have been also shown several times and they have a great advantage: you can decorate the inner part! You can paint it with another tone or add some wallpaper. In this case, they have chosen a natural style which is also beautiful and soft.

Shelves for books …an Ikea’s hack


These shelves remind the Ikea’s spice racks turned into shelves for books. This is a new way to keep their books for the purpose of showing the titles and covers in an easier way. They will look more attractive to promote kids’ reading. Discover more Ikea hacks on our archives.

DIY Shelves for Books


Via Specadoc

At last, we have another mountain idea. A DIY shelf created from a simple wooden model to which they have added this mountain shaped design.If you want to add another touch you can include snow at the top with some white paint. This is an easy way to do which can transform a shelf into a fantastic and funny element.

Themed shelves for books


Via Thetimbatrend

Do you like fruits? This watermelon-shaped shelf will make you crazy. A colourful and funny element for a kids’ room. If you have a simple wooden shelf, you can turn it into a watermelon with some touches of paint.