Boys room by TUBU Kids

The Ikea Kura bed is even more versatile than you might imagine. You can paint it, add a canopy, wallpaper, garland…and also use plywood to build something custom (what do you think about making some pull-out drawers or build a little forest house?).

The Kura bed is reversible, and it can be used as a bunk bed, a loft bed, or just one bed on the bottom. Its low profile means it’s perfect for small spaces and toddlers. But you can even put two Kuras in one room and sleep 3 or 4 kids!

Here’re some creative ideas for customizing and hacking your Kura bed.


With a homemade canopy, this Ikea Kura bed is more comfortable and intimate.  via


This is a clever way to use the Kura bed in a room for three kids. Two were put together in a corner to make three beds and one playspace. Via


A simple and effective DIY: paint the Ikea Kura bed in grey and add instantly a modern touch to your children’s room. via


Love this idea from Vtwonen magazine: transform your Ikea Kura bed into a cosy and fun space creating a circus tent.  via



Incredible hack! The owner has converted an Ikea bed into a little forest house with two spaces for play and relaxation for the child. Download the  plan here.

Do you need more inspiration? More ideas for modifying the Ikea Kura bed and also more Ikea hacks.

First picture: A great boy’s room styling by Tubu kids. They cut some pieces of plywood to cover the side bits. We love every detail of this kid’s space: the fresh colours of the accessories, the prints and the fun bedding.