Wow! We really love wooden furniture! This material offers lots of options and it’s one of the great classics which are updated once and again with new designs full of that characteristic warmth. You know that a wooden kids’ bed is a wonderful idea but don’t see it as a classic and basic piece, it’s much more than that. Nowadays, there is a huge choice of styles so we have lots of ideas to inspire you, all of them are special and different.

Let’s start with that beautiful blue bed that mixes vintage style and current look to get a Bohemian and cool kids’ bedroom. Do you want more ideas? Here you are!

Original Wooden Beds


Kinder Kamer Stylist shows Tinta Luhrman‘s kid’s room that no only includes a bed but a complete piece of furniture attached to it. It’s a really original idea! They have mixed a canopy and some storage furniture to get a functional and nice piece.

House-Shaped Kids’ Beds


We all love feeling at home so there isn’t a better design for a kids bed! As these twin beds from Archdaily, they are perfect to create the dream refuge for your little ones!

Vintage Wooden Kids’ Beds


Vintage trend is one of our favourite ones! Maybe you have guessed it thanks to the vintage kids’ rooms we usually show. This room by  Norddeco includes a vintage wooden bed that becomes the focus of attention in that white atmosphere. It also adds some warmth in contrast to the metal shelves.

Romantic Wooden Bed


There is also space for romantic and soft touches if we are talking about wood. This vintage bed is from  Blonde and Bone, it’s full of dreamy lines and it has been painted white to get a softer look.

Wooden Bed with Modern Designs

If you think wood is too classic, forget that idea, because there many cool and modern designs as this one from  Dimsemenov. That is ideal to get a Nordic or modern space where these beautiful lines play a main role.


Scandinavian Style Wooden Beds


Scandinavian atmospheres love wooden furniture and it’s the main reason why wood is included on the current decoration trends list. Wooden furniture with its natural colours or some added pastel tones are perfect for this style and we love it as much as the rest of Scandinavian details.  Paulina Arcklin shows a nice room with all the ingredients to make us fall in love at the first sight.