Here you are some ideas to create or update children’s bedroom. Pay attention to the details, the combination and the feeling they wake up.

Firstly, a simple room where details are very important. These little ears to provide life to the furniture are great! What about the thread rug? They add this bohemian touch which is perfectly combined with the vintage air of the suitcases or the wrought-iron bed. Have you taken a look? Let’s go on!

The perfect place for every kid. Rooms with a feminine touch


As you know, wallpapers are trendy but we love finding new designs. In this case, we can see a flower wallpaper with a feminine pale pink background. This girl’s room has everything! There is a studying space, a playing area under the bed and that shelf to keep their treasures!



This room also shows some feminine air which can be appreciated everywhere. From the huge rug which adds warmth feeling to the pink pompoms or the garlands. It’s a very big space and it could be cold but this is avoided by the colourful details and textiles.


This room is simple wonderful. We love everything in it! These soft tones add peace and every corner is perfectly used. You have a corner for games, soft toys where they will be able to dream and read. There’s also a table perfect for painting or studying. Pieces like that rabbit-shaped lamp are great for a children’s room.

Less is often more even in kids’ rooms


Nordic style furniture is in and they are perfect to decorate every space because of their basic lines and white or wood tones. This room is also huge, but fun and colour wrap the toys and the textiles so the space is customized. Furthermore, we love that meeting point in the middle to read or just to play with their friends.


This children’s room seems to be designed for little artists with that nice canvas next to the window. Those shelves will help them to keep their things organized so it’s very functional. It’s like a dolls’ house, don’t you think?


Finally, here you are a baby’s room where the printed chest of drawers focuses all the attention. Simplicity rules so this style will never be a mistake.

What do you think about these rooms? We are sure you have already planned the new decoration for the kids’ room, there’s a lot of inspiration here!

+info: Bildbank