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Pay attention to the wonderful cakes ideas for Christmas we bring you today! They are suitable even for those parents who don’t really like cooking. The basic purpose is giving you some inspiration to decorate cakes in a simple and funny way. You can do it with children to have a great time. Imagine the family’s faces when you show these creations!

We love the first cake for its Nordic look. Children will love learning how to create different shapes with chocolate. You just need a pastry bag to draw on the baking paper, let them cold and …Voilá! Here you are your tasty and cute dark chocolate trees!


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What about using toys to decorate the cake? It’s funny and kids can play with them later. This can be done with every Christmas element you find. You can turn this pastry moment into a game!


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An idea for rustic souls: A simple tree used as a topping, using this winter texture. The best thing here is that you don’t need perfection here. It´s like a snow-covered landscape.


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Well, this is not actually a cake but cupcakes are really trendy! Their preparation is very easy and you can add these biscuits which are really funny. It’s perfect detail to Christmas dessert tables. Kids will be responsible for decorating the cupcakes…They will love it!


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Everything can be done from the simplest sponge cakes and some fondant details, like that snowman.


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This is very easy! The toppings with garlands can be found at every party shop, but you can also make it at home. That’s  the same with biscuits. You can make them at home using some Christmas tree or ginger man-shaped mould. It’s sweet and beautiful ornament.


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This is a very cool cake, we don’t know if you are able to create that red velvet, but you can use red chocolate to get it. Snowmen are provided of every detail: silver buttons, orange noses…They’re created from those famous macarons, present in every patisserie. Icing sugar is wonderful to create the snow which covers all these winter cakes.

Do you have inspiration enough? We hope so…