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It’s time to decorate with Christmas ornaments…is there any better option that crafts made by children? If you are near the countryside, pick up some pinecones because we bring you several ideas to turn them into another thing. The most complicated example: those goblins who are writing their letter to Father Christmas. They are so funny and show every detail! Pinecones are perfect for Christmas, but we consider you can decorate them in order to surprise everybody!



These characters are also very simple. Several felt details and a smiling face to enjoy cold winter afternoons with kids.


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Provided that we need to consider everything, we can save a lot of money with this decoration. Another great idea! These pinecone-reindeer perfect to be hung! You will see their proud faces when everybody can see their handmade decoration! They are going to enjoying its creation for a long time!


Ok. We know you need to be very keen to create this man but why not trying it? They can create their own character by adding goblins, gnomes, fairies…whatever they want! We are just inspiring you, but your imagination is the limit!


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Owls are really in so you can add them to the tree, to the centerpiece or —why not— to the door’s decoration. It’s an autumn/winter craft that looks really realistic. As you can see, felt has lots of uses so you have to buy some pieces to decorate all the pinecones you are going to take.



Fairies are another option, they are really cute! They look like those pieces of decoration that are usually sold! Furthermore, materials are not expensive or difficult to find: just a bit of felt, some wooden balls, some wool and some leaves to the wings. Sometimes imagination creates wonderful things, don’t you think?


If they prefer animals, here you are some funny ideas. They are suitable to decorate the table or just to play with them after Christmas.These friendly hedgehogs are really nice and you just need two felt pieces and a pair of eyes. They can create a complete hedgehog family or add other things like bows or clothes.

Ready? Steady? Let’s go! 😉