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We all know the great amount of hours we have spent studying in our life and how important is having a place to get the required concentration. This is what we are trying to offer to our little one ones, their own charming study place. A space where they can feel comfortable and have everything they need. It’s not easy, but we bring you seven inspiring ideas of study tables for kids’ spaces.

Take a look at te first photo.Colours and fantasy are a must in children’s rooms and also in their study area with that lovely stars wallpaper. What about a cool table with those colours and storage space? Colour and fun create spaces that stimulate them.

 Scandinavian-Style Workspace


Via My Scandinavian Home

Scandinavian–style lovers, pay attention! There are a lot of cute and soft ideas that are never too much. Pastel colour touches in a B & W world with natural materials. This is a place to have a rest with that rug and basic furniture to study. As you know, in the Nordic style less is often more.

A Very (Very Much) Special Kids Study Area


Via vtwonen

There are inspiring ideas that we will love from the first sight. This house-shaped shared desk is cosy but informal, perfect to concentrate and also enjoy what they are doing. It also offers a lot of space to perform their tasks and it looks lovely in the room!

Retro-Vintage Study Tables and Desks




Via Handmade Charlotte

Vintage stuff is trendy so you can reuse your old chairs to get that special touch in the study area. Desks and chairs that remind us our childhood can be now placed in their room. Of course, we must add a modern touch with some of the ideas we show you, from an original wallpaper, designer shelves or colourful textiles.

Kid’s Desk Full of Energy


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That’s another great idea for those who love bright colours. They can be mixed with handmade details like those boxes turned into shelves and some modern elements like the chairs. Chalkboard walls with wall stickers are lovely and very useful to write important things!

After this great tour around kid’s desks…where can you buy them? There are lots of shops like Ikea, Flexa… but also some local markets where you can find unique pieces!