Kids have a lot of free time and, although beach and swimming pool seem to be the only option to enjoy summer hot afternoons, there are many other fantastic plans that will provide lots of great moments. Crafts are always the perfect way to spend time together, especially if they are as cool as these ones. Pay attention because inspiration, colour and summer vibes are coming home!

Do your little ones love jewellery? Well, they will be cutest kids in the playground with these colourful and trendy necklaces. Summer colours add a special joy to every single look and this candy necklace will be their favourite! Do you have lots of colourful paper at home? Add some imagination and you will get this designer necklace, perfect for every single event, we want one for us!



Summer parties require specific cool decoration. As far as décor is concerned, fruits are a must. Watermelons, oranges, kiwis… create your own garland and add tropical flavours to every single celebration!  (On our blog, you can find great ideas for creating a fun summer party for kids with the coolest themes. and here some amazing fruit crafts. Have a look!).



OMG! These DIY Donut balloons look delicious! Just some simple steps and Helium and you will surprise all your guests with this floating dessert!



This free printable summer diary for kids offers a different option in which they can describe they summer adventures and create wonderful memories that will last forever…wake up their creative side and they will create little treasures like this one!



What will the future bring? Ask this lovely origami fortune teller and you will find out everything about your fortune! Do you remember this traditional game? Well, now it has been turned into a friendly shark that will make your kids fall in love with it!



The Internet offers lots of templates to create your own projects. Take a look at this fantastic hanging artwork! It’s made with kids’ drawings and it can’t be cooler.  Dare to imagine and go beyond with your own designs!




Do you like these fantastic crafts? Which are you trying first? They are not only cute but also a wonderful way to learn and try new things together. Be creative and enjoy!