Balloons and parties belong together —you can’t really have one without the other. That’s why we want to show you a few ideas for decorating children’s parties with balloons. It might seem clichéd but there are many ways to turn this classic children’s party item around. This festive decoration inspo will bring out your happy, silly side —guaranteed!

Decorating children’s party cakes with pompons

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If you’ve chosen balloons as your inspiration source when decorating your children’s party, you should definitely consider this idea when making the cake. Balloons are a great cake decorating concept —although in this case pompons will feature on top of the cake instead, mimicking the larger balloons hanging elsewhere. You can give it a personal twist by combining mini-balloons and pompons: use different sizes, set them up in a casual way and make it colourful!

Balloon ideas for children’s parties

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We might think that decorating with balloons is an easy task when in reality we will feel overwhelmed by all the options available nowadays. Illustrated balloons, metallic balloons, confetti filled balloons or giant size balloons —there are so many different options that we might end up getting them all. In the above children’s party, the space has been filled with balloons of all sorts of shapes and sizes for a truly cheerful effect.

Balloon table decoration

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What a lovely table decoration! In every children’s party, there is a designated table for treats and candy which are allowed on that special occasion, and it is usually charmingly decorated. This particular children’s party has been decorated with balloons —an endless amount of colour-coded balloons mimicking the rainbow.

DIY balloon ideas for children’s parties

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If you need new ideas for balloon decorating, you can watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a balloon arch. You don’t need much equipment but you will need plenty of patience and a pinch of craftiness in order to put it together. You can shape it as you wish because of the wire skeleton. Time to create some true masterpieces!

Using balloons to decorate the entrance to a children’s party

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Here is the execution of the previously mentioned idea. If you would like for the entrance to be special, you can decorate the door with all those balloons, adding paper lanterns in different colours to the mix. You will create a festive atmosphere —and this is only the beginning!

Children’s parties with balloons and balloon twisting

fiesta-globos-originalVia Party-wagon

Kids love balloon twisting — the art of turning balloons into different shapes and animals. Let’s admit it —even adults find these details amusing! You can turn these balloons into anything – from a sausage dog to a sword or a hat. Balloon twisting is another great way of adding balloons to your children’s party by creating plenty of fun shapes which will surprise everyone.

Children’s parties with balloons and paper lanterns

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The above children’s party has been decorated with a balloon ceiling. This adds a dynamic and cheerful touch and it has the added benefit of not being in the way when kids start playing. It makes a lovely decoration, especially if we add paper lanterns and wreaths.

All these ideas open a new world of options when decorating children’s parties with balloons. If you thought balloons were too traditional or outdated, you have now seen that it’s quite the contrary. You can create absolutely charming ornamental spaces for that very special day.