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With the back to school, we have thought about many things. All you need to buy for this season and all the new things you have to do.¬†But if there’s something important for them this is a study area with a great childrens’ desk to study in a comfortable way. This is why we have chosen seven kids’ desks, they are really different and every single one has its own charm and lots of personality so you can get some inspiration to create this space. The first idea is vintage, of course. Restored furniture is very cool for the latest generations. What about the other ideas?


Via Marieclairemaison

This idea is wonderful but only for those who love DIY projects. You just need some wooden boxes to create lots of things from shelves to bookcases. They have gone beyond that to create a bedroom with different storage zones. You will need lots of wood but it’s a cheap and lovely DIY idea.

Vintage Kids’ Desk


Via TheDesignFiles

We really love vintage stuff, especially if there’s a Bohemian touch, like in this children’s desk with the matching wicker chair. Both are part of the perfect set because they don’t need a lot to be the focus of the kids’ room. The green lamp adds the intense touch on the desk.

Designer Kids’ Desk


Via Inspiratie-interieur

The modern ones will choose designer ideas like this wonderful desk. We find a desk inspired by the traditional easels but with a touch of Nordic style. At the upper part, they have included some lights as it was a garland to get better lighting, something really important not only for the decoration but also to study.

Minimal Desk for Kids


Via Rafa kids

Do you like pure Nordic and minimal style? You will fall in love with this chic and simple study area. A piece with a wonderful and creative design in light wood and a yellow chair to add the funny touch. You don’t need anything else!

Shared Kids’ Desk


Via Homemydesign

If we have a siblings’ room without lots of space, we will have to choose a shared kids’ desks. A wonderful idea although it might be too small when they grow up,everything depends¬†on the chosen model. You can use a bench or separated chairs. It will be perfect to offer them their own space to work and keep their things.

Natural Style Kids’ Desk

Via Aprilandmay

We are more and more in love with natural style. The “less is often more” and slow life trend is really in nowadays. This is why we love this wooden desk with the matching chair with some white parts. This timeless basic pieces will last for all the study time of your kids.