One of their daily activities is doing their homework. They need a comfortable and specific space to do it and if it’s nice and inspiring it will be great! Today we bring you seven different study areas.

Black & White kids’ study areas

The first idea is wonderful for small rooms and for elder kids. There is a foldable table next to the bed, everything is simple, with pure lines and white to avoid saturating the space. If you combine it with a black you will get a really cool touch. Have you seen how many black & white bedrooms are nowadays?



This can be a great option for kids who have problems to focus their attention. Not much decoration. The ideal study area with four elements: a poster with numbers, a garland with a message a table with lots of personality and an iconic chair. As you can see, black & white is a trendy combination for kids although some of you can think is not really suitable for children.

Kids’ study areas: Optimizing space



If we don’t have much space at home, we can use any corner to create a study area such as a stairwell or a hall like, in this case. To limit the area, they have used different wallpaper, a beautiful grey-blue one which is perfectly combined with a white table and an Eames rocker and some little details on the wall which add personality to the set. In these cases, lighting is very important so we have to combine natural and artificial light according to every space.

Kids’ study areas: Vintage, vintage



If you like vintage styles for kids’ rooms you will love this study area. There’s no doubt that the star elements are these restored pieces of furniture like the desk and the chair, but the simple atmosphere helps to combine them.

Kids’ study areas: Total white



To those who love total White, a clean space, white piece of paper… Rugs add personality and this String shelf hanging above the desk is very functional.

Kids’ study areas: Nordic touches



Once again, we can see the importance of the wallpaper in a study area for kids. It’s a simple atmosphere formed by a board fixed to the wall and some basic stools whose legs have been partially painted to create an original workspace thanks to the wallpapers which wraps the space and the little accessories which decorate it. The rhombus of the picture is included in the wallpaper collection by Ferm Living. They are experts in Nordic inspired bedrooms!

Kids’ study areas: Eclectic inspiration



Finally, we have an eclectic workspace. Different pieces, different styles and different ages. They are wonderfully combined to get a cool space. The chair made from natural fibers add warmness while the metal bin provides a touch of sobriety, the papers in it and the rug counteract. On the other hand, the picture with the message and the clock remind a vintage style. To sum up, this is a well-designed space where everything is perfectly included.

Which is your favourite study area?