Kids love drawing. We really like it and those children’s drawings are really positive to their development. They can boost their imagination through them and — in addition— they can be really meaningful to understand their emotions.

Here’re some great ways to display kid’s artwork that honours their creativity and look great in your home.

Very Artistic Walls



It’s time to talk about chalkboard paint, the reason? It’s a good option to decorate any kind of room and let them draw on the walls. In addition, the cost of this paint is not much higher than traditional ones’. Let their imagination work on this huge canvas!

Drawing on the Furniture



The uses of chalkboard paint are infinite. You can paint a piece of furniture instead of painting the whole wall. Be careful, the piece must be big enough for our little artists, a wardrobe, for example.

A Clothes Line to Exhibit Drawings



It’s a really funny idea; furthermore, it’s really easy! You just need a long rope (those made of natural fibres such as hemp or sisal are really decorative!). Place the rope between two points; you can use columns or the edges in the furniture. Then, you just have to hang them up with mini pegs. The result is simply lovely.

Shelves for Artists



Shelves are also a great idea to exhibit your kids’ paintings. You can place one above the desk or maybe use it as a headboard. You can place your kids’ best works so they can get inspiration for the next drawing.

Board, a Classic Option



The best about boards is that they can draw and erase every single day. You can choose traditional chalkboards or whiteboards on which you have to use special pens. Both are a great option to include them in their workplace. If you hang them on the wall, they will look as collector’s pieces.

Colour Chalkboard Walls


Although we tend to think about black chalkboards, this is not always like that. There are many tones to choose from in order to match the room style. If dark colours are not for you, choose green tones.

Paper Rolls to Draw



This option has made me fall in love. It’s similar to the previous ones: draw different things every single day. But this time, paper rolls are the key. You can hang them on the wall so when this part is full of drawings and colours, you just have to rip out the sheet. You can easily find them at stationery shops. The image shows kraft paper but there are other kinds of paper.

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