Nowadays, we can find lots of styles and trends both in general decoration and in kids’ rooms. However, if you think that your style is defined by more than one, eclectic spaces are perfect for you.

Eclectic style is that which makes several kinds of decoration from different origins more times. To sum up, it’s a great mixture!

Vintage Kids Room. Flower Wallpapers

Do you like vintage decoration? The first room uses a romantic element like a canopy which gets a vintage looks with gold tones. It’s complemented by a star and a vertical light garland. The star is some kind of relief picture hanging on the wall.



The focus of attention here is the printed wallpaper. Thanks to its flower prints, it contrasts with the blue bed and the red shelf…really cute for a children’s room!



A funny mural on the wall which is plenty of drawings of animals that remember African savannah is used as a headboard. It stands out as well as the quilt with a clear liberty style.



In the fourth photography, we can find a flower printed wallpaper. Its tones makes combination easier. For example, it can be combined with the retro desk or with every piece of wooden furniture in bright colours.



A wallpaper in earth tones is the main element here. It’s combined perfectly with the wooden floor, the mint green wardrobe. There are lots of ornamental pieces such as little colourful vases, the globe or simply kids’ toys which complete the room.

White with colour touches



In the seventh image we can see a white room with a dark wooden floor where elements provide personality and color. Some frames and printigs decorate the wall above the bed. We can find a cute element on the bedside table: a gorgeous vintage cage. Finally, a floor lamp decorated with some paper garlands and without any lampshade.



In this bedroom the metal of the bed is combined with the flower quilt. On the wall, we can see a tapestry with a zebra with a flag in his mouth.



In the last room, wood focus the whole attention because it covers the floor and the walls and is combined with the lamp, made of natural fibres. A school desk, a vintage suitcase, a lantern and all those different kinds of chairs and rugs provide more eclecticism to the space.