When we talk about kids’ decor for bedrooms, we used to think about colourful spaces, plenty of prints and drawings. However, we don’t realize that we can also have a spectacular children’s bedroom just using black and white.

If you play with shapes and textures, you will get surprising and funny atmospheres without lots of colours, like in this mix of rug, wallpaper with trees and bedding with stripes.

Shall we dare decorate a children’s bedroom with black?



You can add some touch of colour with natural materials like plants or wicker elements. As you can see, they don’t spoil harmony and provide lots of warmth. The painted piece of furniture is really creative! That’s a mixture of modernism, classicism and simple lines.



If you love total white, here you are a beautiful example. You can use white sub tones to create a mix and provide something else with textiles and children’s elements with this dream touch to customize it with toys or dolls. Furthermore, decorations such as garlands or prints will add a dynamic look to the walls.



Scandinavian style is very cool everywhere and of course, it’s perfect for kids’ décor. Its elements are simplicity and functionality but with style. As you can see, there are lots of details in the desk that clearly distinguish between sobriety and trends. This pennant and the cushions provide a colour touch to a simple but elegant decoration.


(Mini Empire wallpaper via Ladnebebe)

We love this room because it’s inspired by the forest which children love. Little animals, natural materials like cork or wood and a whole fauna to be discovered everywhere!



This room shows a theme that the children also like: the space. Grey tones mixed with white and black and this wallpaper plenty of stars which get a childish look perfect for it.





This room is functional but modern and beautiful too. It’s perfect for children who are growing. There is a lot of storage space (we love with those funny Lego boxes) and that furry rug gets a warm atmosphere!



In this last room, you will find imaginative details to create something different. That cloud, which connects with the bed, is very funny, it can even become a game for them. In addition, everything (from the rabbit-shaped lamp to textiles) provides personality to the bedroom.

Decorating a kids’ room in black and white is not complicated and everybody can perform them. The most important in these simple decorations are their details. Focus your attention on textiles, drawers, chairs or original pieces and, especially, on things that they will love.

Who has said that black and white was a boring combination?