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Everybody has had (or simply wished) an especial refuge only for us. This place where we can’t be disturbed by anybody and where imagination wakes up for us. This is exactly what we bring you today, amazing places that you will love! The best playhouses for kids with as many elements that they could be even summer houses, you will want to move in! Are you ready to be amazed?

A Rustic Style House


Via Insideout

This playhouse is really funny. It seems inspired by playgrounds and that rustic touch is great fro the garden. They are going to spend all their day playing!

Colourful Toy Houses


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Although it’s a simple wooden house, its details are really important. Kids love colours so we are sure they will fall in love with this space plenty of bright and flashy colours. Provided that is their own place you can add everything you want: curtains, party garlands and everything you can imagine.

Tree Houses


Via Thehandmadehome

This house is similar to the typical tree houses, it has even a funny slide to go down. What about this little table to eat or draw? That’s a perfect space to enjoy in summer.

Garage Toy Houses


Via Hipkids

A themed house is always a good idea. If kids love cars you can create a garage but there are lots of ideas to enjoy their favourite hobby.

A Cottage


Via Flickr

A simple cottage is the perfect place top lay for years. There’s a special charm in it with those benches outside and the vintage rug…it’s like a cottage in the forest but in a kids’ version.

 House for Picnic



This house has everything, don’t you think? From the clothesline to the ice cream stall, that lovely table and pots plenty of flowers. Amazing and really cool!

Toy Houses with a Matching Terrace


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We want to turn it into our summer residence but it’s a kids’ space. We are amazed by all the details. Pots, mailboxes, garlands to turn every day into a party…and lots of special spaces to play and enjoy! Don’t you want one of these in your garden?