Blue children’s rooms are usually linked to boys but blue can provide lots of style so we think it’s a good option for every kind of kids’ rooms.

Blue is a cold tone which is often related to calm and peace, a symbol of kindness and confidence. For kids, it represents fantasy. All these reasons are enough to include it in your kids’ room, take a look to these cool inspirations!

Blue Kids Rooms: Put Colour on The Walls!


Via Marie Claire Maison


Via Deco.journaldesfemmes

Including blue on the walls is a good way to change the look of your children’s room. Just a bit of colour can be combined with textiles, furniture and other elements to create harmony. You can even use different tones of blue to add an informal and original touch, that kind of things that kids love. You can paint the whole wall, mix the paint with wallpaper or add a skirting board or a frieze…there are lots of options to include a little bit of sky in their room or a bit of sea  for those little sailors!

Blue kids’ room: Textiles and Accessories


Via Petit &  Small


Via Sarahlavoine

If you like blue because of the peace it provides you can always add it in a simple way: with the bedding. A plain navy blue bedding set or printed blankets and cushions, you know, houses for courses! The great thing is that it can be adapted to every kind of style. Pastel tones for Nordic or intense colours for the most modern and daring spaces, blue is suitable for all of them! Changing a space’s look is very easy if we have a neutral base and we can include different textiles and accessories!

Blue Kids’ Rooms: Painting The Wood


Via Enfantsterriblesmag


Via Enfantsterriblesmag

Blue kids’ rooms can also show this tone in no common spaces. Today everything is an option to decorate so if you are creative, there are great ideas like this wooden floor painted in blue. To create harmony, you must also include it on the ceiling and in the pictures. Visual harmony is granted with this colour. You can also use a pastel tone to paint a piece of furniture as in Scandinavian style, they are the best to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Blue Kids’ Rooms: Colour Is The Focus of Attention


Via Sarahlavoine

This kids’ room is much more modern, that’s a simple style with minimalist designer furniture where blue is the main element. An intense colour to remind the sky, and the sea, even including clothes. Blue is fantasy’s colour so kids can dream about big oceans and a huge sky to explore.

Eclectic Blue Rooms…Oh, yeah!


Via Dustjacket-attic


Via Dustjacket-attic

We really love eclectic kids’ rooms where different styles and ideas are perfectly mixed to create original spaces plenty of personality. There are not rules here so we can use a bit touch of blue, mix it with other colours or create a “total look” to show all the beauty of the colour.

A Children’s Room with Sky and Stars


Via Sarahlavoine

Just another idea for our little ones. Create their own sky plenty of stars on the ceiling of their room! There’s no doubt they are going to love dreaming under it every night!

As you can see, there are lots of ways to create a beautiful atmosphere inspired by a single colour. From small touches to total blue, everything is possible. The best thing is that this peaceful colour will help them to sleep, an extra advantage to this elegant and cute colour.