Halloween is just around the corner.  While it has always been huge in the US, it’s becoming so much more popular here in Europe too. There are kids I know that prefer Halloween to Christmas and it’s not hard to understand why. Which kid would pass up an opportunity to dress up and go collect a ton of candy?  Even I’m tempted to go trick or treating…

Do your kids love, love, love Halloween? If you’re throwing a Halloween party or even if you just want to spook up your home for fun, we have some fabulous Halloween party decorations for you to make. They’re easy to make and even the kids can help. So this Halloween why not add some creepy but cute decorations to your home:


Boo! Have fun wearing these free printable Halloween glasses.  Or you could even print off a load of them and hang them around your home.


Crowns come in all shapes and sizes but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spider crown. It’s the perfect accessory to finish off a creepy-cute Halloween outfit.


Every party starts with invitations and these bat shaped invites will set the tone for any Halloween do. Don’t forget to make a few extra and dot them around the room as flying bats.


Why drink from plain glasses when you can make these monster glasses for Halloween? They’ll add a fun touch to your Halloween table and kids are guaranteed to love them.


If you don’t have time to make Pinterest-worthy Halloween cupcakes, just buy some and top with these cool witches hats made out of cupcake liners.  Such a clever idea.


No celebration can be complete without balloons. So, to make your balloons fit for Halloween, just customise some by painting scary faces on them. Easy-peasy!

These googly-eyed bat straws will delight not just little kids but big kids too. Imagine sipping your Halloween cocktails through one of these? What fun!


Everyone needs some pumpkins for Halloween.  While you can decorate them as you wish, I’ve not seen a simpler or cooler way to decorate a pumpkin – simply wrap some gauze around it and turn it in to a mummy pumpkin.


Halloween is all about treats and candy and I can’t think of a cuter way to share them at a party. This large DIY spider pinata is just the thing to have hanging around a Halloween party — it needs a bit more effort than all the other DIY’s but it will be oh so worth it!

Which one will you make this Halloween?

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