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Have you heard about the Ikea hacks for kids? Probably yes, but if you belong to a minority that doesn’t know what they are about, you will be delighted with this concept. They are transformations that each one makes at home, following DIY-style, using well-known Ikea pieces, as the Kura bed.

Here the 9 ideas come to transform the Ikea Kura bed model. From a simple re-decor with colours and decorative details to a firemen’s car or a medieval castle … When the Ikea’s hackers propose to surprise us, they find no match!!

Turning the Ikea Kura bed into a playhouse

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It is possible! Removing a few pieces here and placing them there, this mom has been transforming the Ikea Kura bunk bed into an authentic little playhouse. The height of the ceiling increased thanks to the roof added to the house, and this way her older daughter could play comfortably. This is one of these DIY projects that truly impress me and I would love to see the quantity of lovely things that she will have done besides the playhouse, because you don’t come to this high handy level in two days…

The Ikea Kura bunk bed for the most studious kids

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If you are not so handy to design the awesome decorations that others do, you can also create a neat corner for your kids, using other Ikea’s furniture. In this occasion, they have painted the room in very vivacious tones, to give a joy touch to it. But we would have taken more advantage of the area under the Kura bunk bed because it looks a little empty. But the idea turns out to be simple and very functional.

Sweet dreams in a very girly Kura bed

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(Photo: http://www.athomeinlove.com/a-sweet-little-girls-room/)

We love this room as a whole! Although it may have something to do with this adorable lamb rocker that seems to be really soft. But everything there is in the room has a hospitable sensation and a feminine and delicate style. The panels of the Ikea Kura bunk bed were simply customized with a few prints, which are cheap and easy to stick. The same prints were used for the walls, to create continuity, and the room was decorated with some honeycomb ball paper lanterns that bring a party touch. Under the bed, you have a rest area, which can be used to read, or for another child to sleep. Simple but effective, so much that I would not hesitate to copy it, lamb included.

The details also give life to your son’s Kura bed

Ikea Kura bed (5)

(Photo: http://lejardindejuliette.blogspot.be/)

The bed has been painted with yellow, creating a happy environment, and prints, small tables and even bedding have been added. So if yours is not the do-it-yourself, use small details that mark the difference.

Treehouses? No! It is the Kura bed

Ikea Kura bed (6)

(Photo: http://www.ikeahackers.net)

Are you still wordless after seeing such a masterwork? This is what we were referring to the knowledge of carpentry. The task is arduous, but the result cannot be better. I am even thinking of changing my kid’s bed, and they will love you if you turn their bed into a treehouse. So, each one is personalized, with colours and different areas.

A chill-out corner with the Ikea Kura furniture

Ikea Kura bed (7)

(Photo: http://grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com.es/)

If you wanted that your children had this special corner to study, to read or to rest, you have already found it. Take advantage of the below part to create a kind of chill-out area, with a garland of lights that brings a dreamy touch. So, it is an easy and attainable idea, and you will only spend a little money and effort.

Attention! Here comes the Kura firemen truck bed

Ikea Kura bed (8)

(Photo: http://www.theshare-space.com/)

This idea deserves a prize; it has got all the props. From the wheels to the fire-extinguisher, everything is thought and customized in order that this bed turns into your kid’s favourite play area. They have painted it in red and white, and they have added all the pieces, from the sirens to the house. Attention to the wall sticker, representing a city. It is for sure carefully well made, only for those who have a master in Ikea hacks.

A castle for your little princess inside the Kura bed

Ikea Kura bed (9)

(Photo: http://heimwerkerlexikon.selbermachen.de/)

How many of you have not wanted to be a princess when you were a girl? Now you can help your daughter to be one, personalizing the Ikea Kura bunk bed in one authentic medieval castle. You need much imagination, and also a lot of work, but what do you say to the face of happiness that your kids will have when they see such a play area.

Bohemian and feminine, returning your Kura bunk bed

Ikea Kura bed (10)

(Photo: http://jatibelanda.blogspot.com.es/)

This one is another idea that we have loved since it mixes the reading area with the wood house. It also requires a lot of work, especially in the above part, but the result is incredible. They have used pink tones, for what we suppose it is a feminine room, but it is perfectly valid for both girls and boys.

What do you think about these ideas of the Ikea’s hackers? We suppose that you will get down to work thanks to so many inspirational ideas.

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