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Minimuhuu – Bohemic Chic Bedding for Your Little Ones 

We really love the boho chic universe of Minimuhuu. Their pieces are so easy to combine with any style of decoration, but they are simply perfect for a cosy, bohemian kid’s room. This French label stands out by its supersoft organic linen bedding in a beautiful, muted colour palette and subtle patterns. I think it’s easy to create a happy space for your child with bedding that inspires little imaginations. We introduce you to this brand some time ago, and this time, we want to show you its lovely pieces photographed by the talented Anna Malmberg. She plays with shades and...

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Forivor, Storytelling Bedding

Today we show you a bedding brand encouraging children to explore nature and inspire magical bedtime storytelling. Having bagged the Dot to Dot London Award for ‘Best Non-Clothing Brand’, Forivor offers a reversible duvet cover set, quilted blanket and wall hanging (hand-embroidered by Sewa Delhi Ruaab women’s cooperative) feature a unique and highly detailed illustration. This luxury and organic children’s bedding brand has just launched its first Kickstarter campaign. One side of its products depicts a British woodland, the Dayland world. Turning them over reveals a transformed nighttime world called Forivorland. This is a place of wonder, where glow worms light up...

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Camomile London, Bedding with Personality

Beds are often the main focuses of attention in a bedroom. They are normally the biggest piece and their style is the base to choose the rest of the decoration. Bedding is the key to get our perfect combination. Camomile London knows its importance so they offer the best designs and the highest quality products. Once again, we find a family’s talent together to create a very special brand that fulfils parent’s and kids’ needs. Helen and Daniela Boleto are a mother and a daughter with lots of creativity and talent. They both have come from fashion backgrounds in...

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An Effortless, Stylish Bedding Created for the Design Conscious Parents

Camomile London is a new brand of bedding created by mother and daughter design team Helen and Daniela Boleto. They take inspiration simplicity of Scandinavian living, the delicate touches of Japanese block prints and the charm of vintage pieces. We love their muted colour palettes and their effortless style. Their pieces are easy to combine, mixing prints and plain colours. We can imagine these pillow cases, duvet covers and blankets in our kids room. They’re so versatile and contemporary! All the collection has been designed in London and  hand crafted by artisans in India and the UK using 100% cotton and...

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Catsandboys, Kids Bedding with Geometric Shapes

A monochrome color palette can be a striking scheme for your kids’ room (if you need some inspiration take a look here). But, what about accessories and textiles? Today I show you some bedding sets, pillow cases and blankets in a black and white style. Catsandboys makes cute kids bedding with geometric shapes: rhombs, triangles, dots and grid pattern.  Its bed linen is hand printed on the premium quality white cotton fabric, the tightly woven fiber provide long lasting durability with soft, luxurious feel. I love that patterns are intentionally left imperfect for an organic look. There may be slight variations...

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How to Choose Textiles for Kids’ Rooms

Textiles are a must to provide colour, create cosy atmospheres and enliven every room. Yes, we all know how powerful textiles are. However, if they are crucial to fill rooms with personality, they also are the key to wrap kids’ rooms with colour and imagination. Kids’ textiles will help you to create comfortable and cosy spaces as well as great play areas. Here you are some ideas to choose the perfect textiles for your little one’s room. A Very Comfortable Bed It’s obvious that the most important textiles are those that cover the kids’ bed. A comfortable bed is...

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The Coolest Shared Rooms for Boys

Recently we featured some gorgeous shared rooms for sisters.  Today it’s the turn of brothers. As special as a sisterly bond is, the bond shared by two brothers is just as strong.  And what can be more fun than growing up together and getting up to all kinds of naughty adventures in a shared room? Even if you have enough bedrooms, we think sharing a room between brothers is so much more fun. After all, having a partner in crime to get up to all kinds of antics at any time of the day and night is what the...

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Minifili: True Love for Beautiful Design

We all know that kids’ rooms are always the most special space at home. They are often full of fantasy, magic and, of course, love. Minifili knows that and this is why they look for the most beautiful and special products in Europe to provide your little one’s kingdom with design, style and charm. Minifili offers a wide selection of home decoration accessories from wall stickers to storage and small furniture, as well as toys and gifts for babies and children all ages. Many products can also look very special across the entire home, and brighten up the space used...

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Nubie Presents CamCam: Nordic Design and Quality for Kids

Once again, Nubie selects the best products for your little ones. This time they bring some Scandinavian charm thanks to the Danish brand CamCam and its lovely Harlequin furniture collection and its stylish bedding and décor accessories which will make you fall in love once and again with every single piece you see.   If you take a look at this wonderful range of furniture, you will discover functional and playful pieces carefully created for kids according to that well-known Nordic design we adore. The Harlequin collection includes a cool cot, a changing table, a storage bench and kids’ chair....

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Beautiful Eclectic Style for a Kid’s Room

We are big fans of many different styles of decor for a kids room but there’s one style that always makes our hearts beat a little faster.  And that is an eclectic kid’s room. By eclectic, we simply mean a room that follows no rules —  it’s a bit wild, a bit whimsical and a bit boho-chic.  But it’s a room that truly represents the personality of the people who live there. And one thing is for sure about these types of rooms – they are all truly unique. Today we’re sharing a stunning eclectic kids rooms we’ve come...

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Say Yes to Natural Materials!

The natural decoration is always a good option, especially if we are talking about kids. Yes, kids have times when they have phases when they try to put every single thing into their mouth. Considering this, we should better use natural materials and forget about plastic. Today, we are talking about kids’ atmospheres with natural materials, those which are able to create cosy and safe corners for our little ones while helping us to take care of our planet. Wood, Wood, Wood! Among the most suitable materials for kid’s spaces, wood must be the first on the list. Wood...

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Fun Ways to Paint your Kid’s Bedroom Floors

When we think of refreshing a room, we usually think of re-painting the walls or changing the small decorations like cushions and bedding. An often overlooked way is to refresh the floors. With wooden floors, there are lots of ways to paint them to add a bit of fun and we especially like this idea for a kids room. By refreshing the floors, the whole room takes on a new look.  And if the floorboards are already looking a bit worn in your kid’s room, they’ll get a new lease of life without needing to be replaced. We often...

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