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The Coolest Bunk Beds Ever

Ask any kid if they’d like a bunk bed and the answer is almost always a big, fat YES! Bunk beds are not only so fun for kids but they’re super practical too.  They save so much space especially when you have a small room that has to be shared by 2 or 3 siblings or even a room for one since you can use the space under for a desk or other storage. The only problem you will have is a fight for the top spot! You can buy some stunning bunk beds or you can customise your...

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7 Original Bunk Beds for Kids

IO Kids Design Via Design for kids How functional bunk beds for kids are! If we choose one of these great designs we will have the perfect options for a shared room for siblings. Kids save space and kids find them really funny. They consider them a great place to dream during the day and also at night. Firstly, we have a beautiful design, one piece that seems to be their play area and we are sure they are going to use it like that. It has shelves but it’s an open concept to make them feel more comfortable. It’s...

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Modern Kids Rooms with Bunk Beds

Spring is a wonderful time to refresh your children’s bedroom. A new colour for your walls, new bedding or a special print could be good options. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference and give a new personality to the room. You can add new furniture, too. The bed is the most important piece of the room. It has to be safe, comfortable and functional. This is even more important in the case of the bunk beds. There are great bunk beds for kids in the market (Rafa-kids, Ouef, Perludi, Lundia, Nidi and more), but if you already have one and...

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5 custom made plywood bed ideas to steal

Custom made beds aren’t for everyone. But if you’re a handy DIY’er or happen to know a good carpenter, they can be a great option for a kids room.  Custom made beds allow you to make the most of the space you have, they allow you to build in storage, they are ideal in shared rooms and they can be very space saving in small or awkwardly shaped rooms.  The benefits are endless and while they require more effort than a shop bought bed, they are totally worth it in the end. If you’re in a home that you...

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Ideas for Decorating the Play Corner in Children’s Bedrooms

As always, we were doing some online research while looking for inspiration and today we made it all the way to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Check out this original loft we found! As you probably guessed, we went to see the children’s bedroom straight away. Our favourite item in this Nordic style bedroom were the bunk beds, with a functional and creative design where both aesthetics and safety play an important role. The play corner features a giant teepee, following the same decorating style. The idea we liked best in this part of the room is the mural...

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5 Clever Ideas to Upgrade your Kid’s Ikea Bed

Everybody loves Ikea, right? We are huge fans here because of their clever designs and affordable prices. But whats even more special is how you can easily customise so many of their pieces, making it unique to you and your home. And you don’t always have to go for a full-on hack because we don’t always have the time. Sometimes a simple lick of paint, different handles or bed panels can make all the difference. Take the bed pictured at the top. It’s been given some adorable bed panels that have been created especially for Ikea’s box spring beds....

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Stunning Loft Beds for a Kids’ Room

via If you like the idea of bunk beds but you don’t want two beds in the children’s room, you can consider loft beds. Under the loft bed there can be study desk for older kids or for the little one there can be a play nook or a storage area for all the toys that take a lot of space in the room. A loft bed is a great solution for rooms with multiple kids but also for a room belongs to a single kid. Furthermore, you can find loft beds for girls and boys in a variety...

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The Ultimate Guide of Toddler Beds

Feeling ready to transition from crib to bed? It can be a fun new step, and picking the right furniture will certainly help. By providing an encouraging and exciting environment we can ease this phase for everyone in the family. Making sure the new bed is safe is surely important, but so is providing a certain level of independence in order for the little ones to be able to get in and out of their new beds on their own — it’s all part of the adventure! We want to share a few ideas to show that what can sometimes be perceived as...

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Children and Toddler’s Beds in IKEA’s 2017 Catalogue

One of the first items we choose for the kids’ room is the bed: one of its main components and one of the main characters in IKEA’s 2017 children collection. While going through their new catalogue we found revamped models, simple and functional furniture typical of the Swedish shop and above all, plenty of ideas for kids to love their new children’s room. IKEA 2017 beds for kids: simple is the new cool IKEA worships Nordic style almost as much as we do and that’s why we can find furniture with straight clean lines, basic but very pretty. These...

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Favourite Five…Kids’ Beds

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Image Credit: Jujuzozo When it comes to children’s rooms, the bed is the star of the show! After all, the bed is where they sleep and relax, so it goes without saying that it needs to be comfortable. And depending on the size of the room, the bed can also double up as a play area or den, or — in the case of loft or cabin beds — an invaluable space-saving piece of furniture. With so many bed options out there, how do you choose? Well, we have found five of...

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6 Ways to Customize the Ikea Kura Bed

Boys room by TUBU Kids The Ikea Kura bed is even more versatile than you might imagine. You can paint it, add a canopy, wallpaper, garland…and also use plywood to build something custom (what do you think about making some pull-out drawers or build a little forest house?). The Kura bed is reversible, and it can be used as a bunk bed, a loft bed, or just one bed on the bottom. Its low profile means it’s perfect for small spaces and toddlers. But you can even put two Kuras in one room and sleep 3 or 4 kids!...

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7 Cute Bedrooms For Girls

Via If you want to update a girl’s bedroom, today we bring you seven great ideas to get inspiration. All of them are really feminine spaces which avoid those typical pink rooms. Nordic Style Girl’s Room The first one is a Nordic style room where neutral tones like black and white are the main features as well as several tones of wood. The wallpaper is also a focus of attention. The light garland over the bed and the rabbit-shaped cushion create a warm atmosphere. Via A Bedroom For Romantic Girls This girl’s bedroom shows a romantic look with that...

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