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LumoKids Furniture: Reinterpreting Scandinavian Chic

Shopping for furniture can feel like a daunting task. We’ve all gone through the process: checking mainstream catalogues, visiting shops, feeling overwhelmed and mostly, uninspired. The designers behind LumoKids Furniture went through a similar process and decided there was a need for more inventive pieces, especially when it comes to children’s furniture. Their brand reflects the young spirit of this group of Finnish designers, clearly idealistic and willing to change the way we think about decorating our homes. As many of the brands we enjoy sharing on our website, LumoKids Furniture is based upon principles that have been actively...

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Scandinavian-Style Shared bedroom

If you think that decorating a room for a single kid is complicated, imagine doing it for two children who are sharing their room! In this case, we have a toddler and a baby, so it’s even more complicated as they have different needs. However, this room, created by Steph from Chalk kids, shows how to combine it perfectly, including simple yet stunning products from her favourite Scandi brands. Kids Textiles Inspired by The Mountain Black and white textiles are a must in a Scandinavian kids’ room. This, specifically, is inspired by mountains, so it makes us fall in love with...

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Scandinavian Inspired @LINNBP77 Instagram Profile

If we mix Instagram with Nordic decoration, we get addictive and great profiles such as @linnbp77, which shows the atmospheres at her wonderful home, of course, decorated according to Scandinavian style. So we have focused our attention on kids’ rooms and fallen in love with these inspiring spaces. Furthermore, it’s not a surprise this great result as this mum and teacher is also Nordecor and Monolo brand ambassador (these two shops are the perfect place to get the cutest Nordic items). The room is full of details which are very interesting to create a special atmosphere. We can see that...

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Oyoy, Scandinavian Designs with a Japanese twist

The Danish interior design company OYOY has launched its new SS17 collection, and as always, it catches our eye. This brand stands out by its high-quality products inspired by the Scandinavian style with a twist of Japanese design. They focus on form, function, colour and exquisite materials creating gorgeous decor products for the entire home even the children’s room. The MINI collection is full of practical yet playful decorative items: cushions, placemats, prints, music mobiles, softies, rugs and bedding with a delightful palette of colours and prints. All the products are easy to mix and match, as you can see on...

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A Scandinavian Inspired Wallpaper for Instant Style

If you love wallpaper but find the choice out there a bit overwhelming, we’ve got just the wallpaper for you. This Scandinavian inspired grid wallpaper is minimal yet makes a huge statement. The wallpaper is great for any room in your home but we especially love it for kids spaces. There’s a certain school book vibe to it making it playful yet sophisticated. A simple grid wallpaper lends itself to being mixed with the brightest of colours or if you’re not in to colour, it works just as well in a monochrome or neutral toned space. The wallpaper also...

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Instagram Inspiration: Scandinavian Kids’ Room

Instagram is a source of inspiration to decorate the kids’ room as there are profiles in which we can see really cool spaces we would like to copy. This is what happened when we saw the Brooke Castel Stylist en Instagram, where we found pure Scandinavian atmospheres, very soft tones and a very natural style. Do you want to discover its children’s rooms? Soft Tones in the Kids’ Room Since a long time ago, we know that soft tones are perfect for kids’ rooms. Pastel pink, light blue or grey as well as mint green are only some proposals....

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Blokmal, French Design with Scandinavian Inspiration

If we take a look at Blomkal’s furniture, we will soon recognise talent, thrill and lots of great taste.This company, created by Lohana, her husband Romain and her brother in law Bastien. Blomkal is one of those brands where every single detail is carefully designed to guarantee quality, exclusivity and functionality.This family is totally in love with design and decoration and this is exactly what they show with their wonderful designs. Light tones, clear lines and functional furniture which is not only easy to combine but also interchangeable and adapted to client’s requirements. Their furniture is suitable for every kind...

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Nursery with Scandinavian and Natural Style

Natural style is trendy, that’s why we can see materials like wood, wicker or cotton filling some of our home’s corners again. This natural look is a must in Nordic atmospheres where they avoid useless details to focus on the authentic like the wood touch, natural tones of every material and beauty around them. This nursery surprises us with a Scandinavian style where naturalness is the key and white tones are simply combined with some black spots placed in a random way. Everything makes us pay attention to the details like that crib with soft lines and the basket...

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New Scandinavian Furniture by Oliver Furniture

New kids’ furniture by Oliver Furniture have been on our favourite list for a long time and now we have novelties! Discover this timeless Scandinavian style furniture with simple and elegant lines. There are two collections, Wood Collection, white furniture with some natural wood touches and Seaside which is completely white. Two simple and versatile ideas that make us fall in love! Beds and Bunk Beds by Oliver Furniture Choosing a kid’s bed may be complicated. We want a versatile piece which can be adapted to their growth and the room’s style and, sometimes, we complicate everything with impossible designs....

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Scandinavian Inspired Kids’ Space

Scandinavian inspiration fills all our Pinterest and makes us spend hours on Instagram, looking for new ideas. You can get the base to create a perfect Nordic style from kids’ rooms like this one where simplicity and naturalness are the must. This is the only way to create an atmosphere where both kids and adults can feel comfortable. Another idea to be added to your list of likes. They have tried to get peacefulness in this nursery because it’s exactly what a kids’ room requires. Lots of light, much white and that touch which add warmth and comfort, like...

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Melula, Well-designed Scandinavian Shoes

Finding good kids shoes isn’t easy. But today I bring you a really good option, a combination of quality, functionality and playful look. Melula is a new children’s shoes brand focused on colourful design, exquisite quality and a comfortable fitting for children. This Copenhagen-based brand has designed some gender neutral shoes with a childlike look. Louise Møllermark & Søren Hougesen, the creators of Melula, have a unique colorful approach to design. Quality and comfort are extremely important while creating a shoe for children, and they choose materials that are easy to clean and breathable for the foot. There are three...

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How to Decorate a Scandinavian-Inspired Nursery

Today I show you a bright, clean and modern space with accents in black and grey and simple graphic patterns. If Scandinavian style is something you really like and want to use it for decorating your baby bedroom, here you’ll find some tips to help you create a dreamy nursery for your baby. Nordic style is always associated with pure lines, a simplicity of forms and plenty of natural light. Like the mum who decorates this nursery, start with a blank canvas. In a Scandinavian-inspired room, walls, ceiling and sometimes even furniture are painted in white or very light...

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