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5 Low Cost Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room

A new year is starting and we need to order everything so we think that these storage ideas for the children’s room will be really useful. We also know that we need to save, so we can use some of these charming low-cost ideas. Can’t you believe it? Recycled Wooden Boxes for Storage Take a look to the storage space we show before on Petit and Small: wooden recycled boxes, pastel tone paint and green tones to be combined with the decoration. If you have wooden boxes at home can you don’t know what to do with them, hang them on...

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Creative Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Which kid doesn’t have a ton of art and craft supplies? Our home is over-flowing with paints, coloured card, felt pens, stickers and so many more craft materials.  I love that my child loves to create but I don’t love the mess that the supplies create. Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to organise all these art and craft supplies in one place so that they are always easy to find and have a home to go back to when they’re done with. In an ideal world it would be great to have a dedicated art and craft room...

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Ikea’s Storage Solutions for Kids

The Ikea’s novelties for 2017 will soon become the focus of attention as they do every year. We know that Ikea brings modern ideas with a cool touch but simple and functional at the same time. It’s not a surprise that they include very useful furniture and storage solutions for kids (both for their room and the play room). Ikea 2017 Flisat Collection for Kids We have already seen the Flisat Collection as they presented it 8 months ago. This pine-wooden furniture consists of eight pieces and all of them are perfect for children’s spaces. A hanger, a house-shaped...

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Playful, Multifunctional Children’s Chair with Storage

Many of us live in cities, where the living space is getting smaller. But if you have children, you need to get kids’ toy storage solutions and make clean up easy. Think about lots of pieces of Lego, figures, stickers, etc. you can find around your house. Of course, you can use baskets, boxes or shelves for storing them, but today we show you another great option: a chair with storage. The Danish Designer Morten Husum Nielsen has created the amazing OAK OAK children’s chair with a storage space for toys and books. This playful and multifunctional piece of furniture has...

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Ikea, Storage Ideas for Kids

Ikea has caught our hearts with its Scandinavian style plenty of functionality and simple designs which can be adapted to everything. This is the reason why we love its solutions for kids’ rooms. If we focus our attention on the problem of storage and the organization we would like to have, it provides several simple ideas to help us. A place for their kids’ toys, books, colours and everything they have Modular furniture is a great idea to be adapted to every single space. From small  kids’ bedrooms to others with big walls to create cool designs. This furniture...

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Tellkiddo Brings You The Coolest Storage Bags

Daily life makes keeping order in our house very difficult, especially in kids’ spaces. That is the reason why we need to look for alternative storage options. If you need to organise their things, the storage  must be adapted to them. Today, we present you these funny animal-bags which are perfect to keep everything! Having a clean and tidy home sounds complicated. But these bags are a 2×1: They are a great decoration for their room and, furthermore, a wonderful storage system. Without a strict order but keeping their things organised. This is not the only advantage of these...

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5 Beautiful Rooms with a Minimal Vibe

We are big fans of simple, minimal rooms for the whole house including kids rooms. The word minimal can mean different things to different people.  To us minimal doesn’t mean sparse or cold, instead, it means a space that has only furniture and decor that is needed and everything has a home. It also means not filling every bit of floor space and using neutral tones that compliment each other and give the room an effortlessly stylish look with lots of warmth. Kids rooms can be minimal and still have lots of character and charm. We thought we would...

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What? A cute shop where everything is made with heart to provide your little one with design, quality and lots of beauty. This fantastic brand looks for the most beautiful items from all over Europe and creates the coolest selection of items full of personality and charm. Those “little treasures” are the perfect touch to get an amazing space. What Can You Find? Decoration, toys, storage, accessories and, of course, the best brands which will make you fall in love once and again. Bedding sets, cushions, garlands, lighting, wooden toys, soft toys, bags, pencil cases and the best gifts...

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6 Beautiful Gender Neutral Dolls Houses

Which little girl wouldn’t love a dolls house? It’s not just girls though, we think a lot of boys would love one too. Dolls houses are all about imaginative play irrespective of whether you are boy or girl. And we love that they are a toy that grows with your kids. Our kids have had the same dollhouse since they were 3 and are still playing with it 5 years later. There aren’t many toys that last for so many years. And once they are finally done playing with it, it’s the perfect toy to pack away and hand...

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Harriet Hare, Inspiring Kids’ Spaces

Sometimes, we dream about the perfect space for our little one, magical corners where every single detail is full of personality creates a special atmosphere. However, it is not always easy to find exactly what we want in the market. Harriet Hare, launched in 2014,  is the solution to this common parent’s problem. This cool and elegant brand’s range of products includes bedding sets, accessories, lamps or storage solutions to build the space you have ever wanted for your little ones. Hayley, the founder, describes herself as a perfectionist person who is completely in love with interior design and...

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5 Clever Ideas to Upgrade your Kid’s Ikea Bed

Everybody loves Ikea, right? We are huge fans here because of their clever designs and affordable prices. But whats even more special is how you can easily customise so many of their pieces, making it unique to you and your home. And you don’t always have to go for a full-on hack because we don’t always have the time. Sometimes a simple lick of paint, different handles or bed panels can make all the difference. Take the bed pictured at the top. It’s been given some adorable bed panels that have been created especially for Ikea’s box spring beds....

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Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Earlier this month, we launched our Winter 2017 collection at Bobby Rabbit, and today we are excited to show you around! Using 270 new products sourced from all over the world, we have created and styled 3 brand new room sets (or ‘Bedtime Stories’) to spark little imaginations and to help inspire you when decorating your child’s space. AND – with Christmas in mind, we have also introduced over 100 new toys, all ready for the holiday season! Pictured above is our new winter girl’s bedroom, ‘Sweet Dreams!’ – featuring our favourite...

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