Shelves are one of the most useful items of furniture in a kids room. They can be used for functional storage or purely as a decorative feature, or a mixture of both. There are endless choices of beautiful shelves available on the market. No matter how much space is available there is always a shelf that will be the perfect fit. Today we are featuring shelves from Nidi. The Italian company has shelves in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. As with most of the Nidi products the colour and finish can be chosen to suit the decor of the room.
We love the Lippy wall unit (pictured above) and the Cloud wall unit (pictured below). They are almost a feature in themselves without any gorgeous toys or books on them!

Floating shelves hovering above the floor increase the sense of space in a small room, yet remain in reach of little arms.

The beauty of shelving is that the items on display can be changed as the child grows and tastes change. Good quality shelving is built to last a life time. It will adapt and blend into its surroundings as they change from a child’s room into a teenager’s room.

Visit The Nidi website for more shelf inspiration.


This is a sponsored post. However we only,collaborate with brands who share the same values and love of kids design as we do. We only share products which we would be delighted to use in our own kids rooms.