Susanna Vento for Photowall + Acne JR4

There is no doubt that wallpaper can add instant focus and magic to a child’s room. There are plenty of cool, well-designed options loved by kids and adults alike. Open your eyes to the different possibilities when it comes to wallpaper, from subtle patterns to colourful motifs.

Today I show you a good option for your home, the Acne JR mural collection for Photowall. The duo behind Acne JR ––Mats Johansson and Sofia Ekvall–– always works from the perspective of play and children, with function as the guiding principle. The result is the Trompe l’œil collection, an innovative creation.

The collection is exclusive to Photowall and comprises five designs ––Bambu, Tegel, Kubik, Cumulus and Chester–– all in different colour schemes.

Susanna Vento for Photowall + Acne JR5Susanna Vento for Photowall + Acne JR2Susanna Vento for Photowall + Acne JRSusanna Vento for Photowall + Acne JR3

You can enjoy the beautiful styling work by Susanna Vento and photography by Unto Rautio

+ info: Photowall

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