A wonderful universe where you can find the best and coolest brands from all over the world. Design, quality and originality are the requirements to be included in Alfie Wild’s  great selection. Fashion, decoration and  toys share a wonderful style full of personality and charm. Find the most gorgeous stuff for your little ones without spending all your time looking for it!

What Can You Find?

A huge choice of quality products for kids up to 12, from decoration (lighting, storage, wall decor….) to fashion or toys. This shop relies on a complete range of products that are specially selected to fulfill all their needs in a simple and chic way. They also offer fantastic handmade and wooden toys, dolls’ houses , soft toys, costumes, tattoos…all of them show “that touch” that makes them look really lovely and special.

Every single detail seems to be carefully selected to make us fall in love with it!


Alfie Wild’s fashion  is specially focused on boys whose wardrobe is usually limited to some colors,shapes and prints. Their collections shows flashy prints, wonderful designs and new proposals plenty of personality, freedom and comfort. No more gender cliches, they must be able to express themselves and show their own personality through fashion and these clothes have been designed to offer them the opportunity to do it.


The shop has a wonderful outlet where you can find the cutest products with fantastic prices, don’t  miss it!