Noga Ravin creates puppets, bags, toys and other objects from an artistic and functional point of view. She uses simple materials to make toys that can be used in our daily life. The production is handmade, and the collections are small and ever-changing.

The designs are minimalistic and simple, yet innovative — they are demanding the player’s imagination to take an active role in the interaction. Her creations are based in simple and entertaining games, shapes and concepts that will increase kid’s creativity.

Furthermore, they are little toys made of soft materials you will want even as an ornament!


One of our favourite toys is the shadows game. With just a few details, kids will be able to create animals with their hands, they will create and invent their own stories to show you their talent. A turtle, a snail, a rabbit or a deer are just some of the animals they will be able to create anywhere.noga-ravin-big-rabbit-soft-toys

It seems to me that children’s favourite are the rabbits. Rosso, the biggest one, is an enormous soft toy that they will want to hug. It can be used as a blanket and a cushion and it will become their best partner! There is also a mini version, called Bunny, that they can take everywhere.



This is not a game but we think is a beautiful and funny option for kids. A bag called doggy, a dog-shaped backpack made of different kinds of fabric and prints. They will love taking their things in such an amusing bag! Those big ears provide a fun touch and the mixture of fabrics and colours is really original! It’s probably becoming one of their favourite accessories.


We have to mention the super soft penguin cushion, another original proposal by Noga Ravin and some cute posters, like this Penguin Pyramid Print.

Which is your favourite?

+info: Noga Ravin