We spend the whole day looking for inspiration to add it to children’s rooms so we know a big part of the present existing furniture for them. However, we sometimes find some great and original things. This is the case of the Rocky Rocket chair for kids!

We suppose that you may think that it’s a playing space, but it has been designed as a chair! If you show it to your little one, he/she will see a rocket to visit lots of planets plenty of weird friends. This piece of furniture will wake up their imagination!

This amazing chair is available at Circu, where you can find lots of unusual ideas for kids’ rooms. It’s not only an enormous piece of furniture to play. The chair includes several storage spaces to their toys or their astronaut fancy dress.

It has been inspired by the film “Toy Story” where toys became alive. Buzz Lightyear will be their inspiration to become the best space rangers. It’s like having a themed park in their own room, it would be difficult to explain to them that it’s a “simple” chair…


This cool themed furniture has reminded us a picture about a Universe-room for two lucky boys we saw on bkids. What a fun kids room!


Do you love the rocket theme? Here is one more idea. What about playing with a cardboard rocket ship? Photo

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