Kids love summer and holidays, however, they can be boring if they have too much free time. There are lots of options to offer them a great time even when going to the beach or the swimming pool isn’t possible. Crafts are a great choice to help them to show all the things they are able to do and wake up their imagination and creativity. Here you are lots original ideas to get the best results!

Have you seen this sand mill? They will spend lots of hours playing with it while they discover how does this kind of devices work. You just need some spoons, a funnel, some sticks and voilà! It’s amazing!



What about this Tangram game? Its size will transform it into the coolest picture you are going to see today! Train their mind to create a huge number of possible figures! No limits! Just some carton and paint to provide them lots of entertainment! It’s also perfect for a party decoration.


Keep their good dreams safe and catch their nightmares with this cool dream catcher made with Hama beads. It will add an original and personal touch to every space. Choose your favourite colours and shapes to get your own style!



Nature is always offering lots of beautiful presents Mer Mag suggests us to use them to create your little artwork and have a wonderful time collecting them in one of those nice landscapes. If you add a frame, you will get the most beautiful picture to decorate every room with a special picture.



Fruit is a summer must (both for decorate and eat). You just have to download a template on Mr. printables and enjoy the chicest grocery!



We have already mentioned floral crowns. They are really easy to do and kids will love to become forest’s princes and princesses! Look for their favourite flowers and imagine new combinations!



As we have said, nature is a huge source of inspiration, pay attention to their whimsical shapes and create them with all simple materials you have at home like paper rolls, carton or glue. Are you ready to try?

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