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Seongyoon and Seyoon are two lucky 4 and 6 years old Corean brothers who live with their parents in a new a 82m2 apartment. The kids’ room can be more beautiful, it’s like a little house with two separated bedrooms, one for each. Behind this project, there’s a mum worried about developing her children’s positive values such as creativity, independence, good habits…and, of course, a fantastic design team. This is the kind of interior design which I personally love very much. The mixed effect of white, grey and wood suggest me elegance, warmth, cleanliness…and lots of order.


All the elements in decoration are very neutral, both the simplicity of shapes and the chosen colours. Children can experiment a great feeling of intimacy and independence when they go into their rooms through these funny little doors.

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They have chosen beautiful, simple and very good selected wallstickers to decorate walls. They are perfectly combined with the rest of the room. They are located, of course, at children’s eye-level. Once again, clothes and rain become protagonists of kids’ decoration. We can also appreciate origami crane-shaped wallstickers which symbolizes peace and freedom.


The rest of the apartment is also really cute, you can see it at the studio’s webpage.

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